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Author:SineImage    Date:2016-10-21   Hits: 2978

The Picture resolution test chart is designed to measure resolution of still cameras.

It contains resolution wedges up to 2000 lines per picture height. Furthermore it contains slanted edges for SFR measurement.

On the test chart marks for the respective picture size are arranged (square = 1:1; usual digital format = 4:3,small picture = 3:2 etc.). The camera has to be adjusted that the whole picture height is captured an
the appropriate picture proportion is seen. The numbers at the lines each mean “lines/picture height x 100”; e.g.12 = 1200 etc. Thus evaluation of a camera is possible with the aid of the horizontal and vertical lines.

The specified resolution should be the value in the center of the picture on optimal conditions. Thus the quality of lenses, sensor and image computation is evaluated simultaneously.

With open iris end extreme zoom position the result can be worse. This has to be tested and noted separately in the test report. Important is the separate evaluation of resolution in the picture corners.


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